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Vintage Car and Motorcycle Show

There is always reason  to visit the Walsall Arboretum, especially during  a heatwave. The Victorian setting hosts a large lake with a variety of wildlife to see, fishing areas, a Treasure Island play area as well as areas for tennis, football, basketball and skateboarding.

However this Sunday, there was an extra attraction drawing crowds to the park.

In the early morning, any motorist would have suspected that in the vicinity there was some homage to vintage mechanics with Morris Minors, Ford Mustangs and Cadillacs following one another in tandem and turning into the same junctions. They would have suspected correctly – as this weekend the Arboretum hosted its annual Vintage Car and Motorcycle Show.



Entry costs were minimal, (4.50 for Adults, 2.50 for children) for the vast array of things to see. The cars were arranged into classes depending on age with the earliest specimens on show pre-dating WWII. As well as Vintage cars and motorcycles, there were also rare sports cars on display much to the delight of young boys and girls who were climbing all over them.

Most cars had been restored with care taken to mimic the original state of the car. There were even a couple of examples which were still as the creators made them (and still looked better than most things we own)! Though it was wonderful to see the cars restored to perfect condition – it was more heart warming to see the proud owners of the vehicles, who had invested their finances into restoring what is a piece of history. Some even had scrapbooks on display to show how uncared for the vehicles once were.


For example this Land Rover was once was so badly cared for that it was covered in rust, with missing pieces and large dents in the vehicle. The current owner who had brought it to the show, has restored the vehicle so well that it would be impossible for anyone but an expert to realise that any work had been done at all.

The Vintage Car and Motorcyclists Show also boasted bouncy castles, a vintage bus ride, food stalls and car boot sales. And if that wasn’t enough to tempt a family, there was also a motorcycle stunts show -performed by children!


For any motor enthusiast, the show is a must. But for anyone else simply interested in history, drawing or even a fun day out, the Vintage Car and Motorcycle Show is certainly going to appeal to all of these interests. There was even an ice cream van!


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